Monday, 30 November 2015

The real meaning of christmas

It’s the 18 November,and what do I see christmas decoration all ready up . I don’t know why but shop’s have already started decorating and have got ads up and running. But they have forgotten about the real reason of Christmas, Jesus birthday. We also need think about all the presents we are going to get and to be grateful and how stores use santa as an advantage.

“ Wha santa coming mummy” see that what kids think Christmas is all about but it’s not. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So instead of thinking about writing a very long Christmas list to santa you should be thinking about the real reason we have present’s.

What do you reckon the main part of Christmas, well lot’s of people think it’s all about presents.  Some people are so ungrateful they throw tantrums if they don't like what they got, but then some get the littlest of presents and are very grateful.

Have you guys seen all the ads about Christmas and how they all involve Santa not Jesus. Well i reckon that is wrong because Jesus is the real reason we have Christmas so he should at least some recognition for all his hard work. Also how store are seeing Christmas as their main selling point of the year and aren't thinking about what we should be  doing celebrating.

That what think commercialisation is all about. So that is what I reckon the real meaning of Christmas is what about you?

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