Wednesday, 23 September 2015

my essay


Have you guys thought about what you want to do when you are older,well I have and I want to be a NBA player or a rugby player [ I haven't decided yet ] . In this essay I will tell how I’ll get there and what you do in the job.

What you do in the job. My job will follow me everywhere, for the job I will have restriction. When you are at tournaments I might will arrive at a point could the grind and that when you feel like you're not having any fun it also really counts. But don't give up on your career. For my chosen career not much people get this job and they also play the sport for money. The average salary for a rugby and basketball is 400,000 to 25,000,000 a year. You should always have a backup plan if things go wrong in  your job

As an athlete you play in front of big audiences and you are an entertainers. As an athlete you have to play well in each game our you team will lose and you won't be playing for very long. The job is very demanding in both mental and physical stress so you need to be in the best shape possible. Most Athletes workout all year in the season so they must be able to perform the best all the time. Every athlete is in the risk of injury and the injury could wreck your career that’s why being an athlete is tough. In their season they normally train 40 hours a week, they also have to watch films about the opposition and you to do meetings and interview.

How you get the job and what you do in the off season.You should try and Get good grades in school and   then I should join teams that are involved in my sport.
I should do tournaments so you get better and try and get scholarships to colleges and then you haft to follow your career path.Go to skill development camp to get better. I should work on your skills in the off season.With one week to go till the season start you should have a rest and get ready for the start of your season.

How to get the job and about it what you do in the job. If    I choose rugby i will have to stay at school and then I would have to play club until i get pick for a itm team, then i will work my way up to the all blacks.  If i want to be and NBA player i will have to go to college in america, and then i will have to get picked in the NBA draft.    
For this job i will haft to be good good at : sport ,public speaking,reading contract, being competitive ,motivated,  willing to work hard,able to remain calm under pressure  and willing to work hard, good at communicating with others and able to accept feedback and criticism.

What i am good at sport such as rugby, basketball, touch ,cricket, athletics If i don’t get this job i could get a job as  coach a fitness trainer, referee.  The demand for this job is high. Yes but it will be very hard to get because everyone has big dreams but not all of them come true because it take a lot of hard work and dedication.
Yes i will find enjoyment  because i love the sport ,and i will be doing this as my full time job ,and i will be getting paid for doing the thing i love.

A cool thing about being an athlete is that you get to make people happy. So that is what I want to do when I am older. So if you want to do this when you're older I hope i helped you.So I hope you enjoyed my writing.

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