Sunday, 6 September 2015

My book review

This book is called Bear Grylls Mission Survival and is written by Bear Grylls himself. This is  - fiction but is kind of like what bear grylls does.

Beck , his uncle Al and Beck’s friend Peter are going over to Africa  because Al has to go to a conference and after that they are going to go on holiday. When they arrive in Africa they go to their hotel.  Al has to go to the meeting but before the meeting start the boys caught up with the person that was running it and he talked about poaching and smuggling and how bad it is. The meeting starts so the boys go for a swim. When the get out of the pool they overhear some people talking about smuggling diamonds into other countries so when the pair hopped into a taxi the 2 boys Peter and Beck follow them.

The up and down of this book.
The good part of the book is that it is interesting because they might die in the sahara desert and you don't know whether they're going to survive when they’re found. They also jump out of a plane but the two of them don't know how high they are, and there is two people that are trying to smuggle drugs.The bad thing about this book is in the middle part of the start because it is really boring because nothing is happening as they are just swimming in a pool and I feel like it's not interesting and I feel like I should stop reading.

The theme of the book is about a boy and his friend trying to survive in the wild just like the author Bear Grylls. It also teaches you a little bit about how to survive in the wild. The reason I read the book is because I have watched Bear Grylls tv shows and I thought it would be about him surviving in the wild.  It kind of is but it was a different person so I read on then when i finished it i got this book so I read it.the point of why bear grylls writing the book is to tell people about what he does as a job, to also get people watch his tv show, and to teach them a little bit about how to survive in a very hot place.  The message behind this story is  about survival and how to survival in the Sahara Desert.
This book is about two boys trying to survive in the sahara desert when the run into several challenges like scorpion,the heat, the coldness at night, not enough food,the rock, the sand dunes,no water,peter getting dehydrated and not being able to find help. I would recommend the book to people that like adventure and like bear grylls tv show.

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