Monday, 7 September 2015

bucket list

Imagine watching the TV then it goes to and ad break and then you see this awesome go pro video well that my top bucket list idea. I am going to tell you about what it’s going to look like, where we will make it, and what stuff we will be using.

The video would have animals doing their thing well secretly we will be videoing them. We will video all kinds of animal like lions,tiger,elephants,fish,deer and all other kinds of animals. We will also take photos from above city so you can see what happens and it will be at night and day time. We will also be filming on the beach and will film in the water and above and on the beach.

This video will be filmed in the nature were the animals live the jungle,rain forest,mountain,sea desert. we will film the city skyscraper,the street and lots of other place that are found in city.

We will be using wing suit so we can film in the mountains,and in the desert,sea,in the city. We can use the boat’s for when we go swimming and to video the fish.the drones will be used for lots of things to video the animals,the fishs the skyscrapers and the city.

So that is what i want to do for my bucket list idea for now, maybe i will change maybe i won't.      

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