Thursday, 30 July 2015

what makes me me

What make me me Jacob

Wishes to be successful in my sport such as basketball,rugby and cricket
dreams of being a well known sport person.
Wants to be a builder that has a good business or a vet that has a good business our be someone that is involved in sport.
Wonders about what I am going to be when i am older and am I going to be successful in life.
Fears of having no money and no god when I am older.
Is afraid of not being able to make a living out of what I do and having to live with my parents.
Likes having fun with my friends while playing sport and at school.
Believes that i can be successful in my sports and make a living out of sport.
Loves to play with family and friends.
Plans to be a very good sportsperson person and make money out of so that i don't haft to stay with my parents.

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