Thursday, 18 June 2015

The great plague
By Jacob

May the 9 to may the 10

In the great plague a girl was staying with her aunty nell because her mum died when she was born. Today she went to  her uncle house to have tea and when she goes home she is going to talk to her aunt about the plague.

May the 11 to the 14 of June
They are praying that they don't want to get the plague. Also aunty nell thinks she is going to get the plague because she was born on the day that a prince was shot . Maggie and Alice went to see a fortune teller and they didn't tell aunt nell and  papa.

25 of June to July the 11
In this part of the book a man is outside screaming and dying because he has gotten the plague and aunty nell has a sore tummy. They all went to church today. Papa wants to go to their uncle's house because 700 people have already have died from the plague this week. Papa doesn't want to go to any public  places in case he catches the plague

July the 11 to July the 27
Luke who had the tokens is still alive and he is outside there house. The doctor is checking aunty nell to she if here dodo going away. The nurse comes back but she is a mess and then aunty nell got up and then fell face first down the stairs.

July the 27 to august the 15
Alice is back with poppy but she is still stuck in her house. There is only couple days to Alice has been stuck in her house for 40 days straight. Alice is in her bed when she wakes up to poppy scratching the door then Alice then lets her out and then she lets her out then she runs down the stair and finds they are being rod.

August the 16 to September the 1
Alice is out of her house and wondering how her family is going. She is out of town heading to her uncles house and wondering how her uncle is going to greet her she is also wondering what the punishment is going to be for killing aunty nell. She is writing a note to her uncle saying where she is so here uncle can pick him up but he never came. She has found a friend of her uncle. She is now wondering how poppy and Marcus are.

September the 2nd to December the 1st
She is counting the days to papa released. Papa has been released and he is very weak and can barely walk. 7,000 people have died because of the plague. The won’t to go and visit master winn who is a watchman. she's not writing as much as she is the female of the house. only a few weeks till Christmas.

august the 5th 1665
it is lord's day. Maddy has a partner named Jon. Alice has a boyfriend named Edward and papa has a proved on it. Papa has gotten a job and is arriving home late now. there's a fire near a bridge. The fire they saw yesterday is going and is spreading and it started in a bakers oven. His maid died and a rescuer saved a drowning man. the are praying for rain. After the great fire more than  100,000 people died.

The end

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