Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Title : bear grylls Mission survival rage of the rhino

Author : bear grylls

Beck is a young boy that goes on a lot of adventures and this time he goes to Africa to protest on the poaching of rhinos.on the way to the exit he was bumped in and then he founded out that he had a little a little tracking chip in his front pocket. When they arrived at the ranger house
They went to meet the the morning beck and the ranger daughter whet for a wonder and they so a rhino and then a car come and they thought it was a ranger but it was a poachers and they captured them and tock them to there base . But when they were looked in the room they were able to get out by going under the floorboards and when they got out they had to make a dash to the clear but when they made it to the clear but it was pitch black and they were in the middle of nowhere and in the morning they were now were but then he figured out that he had a microchip and then he smashed it . about half hour later a pack of hyenas tried to attacked him but a truck scared them away and it was his arch enemy james but then some poachers came in firing

The reason the author write this is probably so he could teach people about how to survive in the wild. So if you go to africa and get captured by poachers and you manage to escape you know what to do.

I would recommend this book to people that like watching bear grylls on tv and people that like reading about survival  

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