Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My first 2 weeks at school

My first 2 weeks at school 

In our hub this year we were put into learning groups and in our groups we have to talk about all we have achieved in the week and when we come together in hub time we haft to get together and we haft to complete and activity together.our we haft to talk about our week goals. For our hub we have been doing a lot of projects like our maths investigation , about me project, this, and a couple more.

At our school we have a thing could technology were we go to st Kevin to do project like sewing, baking ,wood work and art . I am now doing sewing were we have to make device case and the people that are doing wood work are making piggy banks. We are lucky enough to do it for 4 Fridays  each term for two years.

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