Thursday, 18 September 2014

No chrome books

I reckon we should not have chrome books in year 4 to 8heres why

A chrome book only has internet , so when you go home all you will be able to do is go on websites. You can not keep personal stuff on your chrome book like photos because your chrome book only has internet.

Chrome book are a waste of money Because when you finish school your chrome book will broken our worthless because all you can do is research . Another reason is that will go broke because they will be paying 5-20 dollars per week and if your family pays it straight away they will be paying around 500-2,000 dollars which will make them broke.

When we bring our chrome book to school the teachers will block all the fun website like kizi , miniclip And lots of more fun sites , which will mean our chrome book will become geek books .

That's why we should not give chrome book to year 4-8

1 comment:

  1. Nice work Jacob, Keep on with the awesome protest against Chromebooks!