Thursday, 11 September 2014

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I don't think minecraft should be in schools because your not learning , you will be getting lazy and people might not want to play minecraft.

If we had minecraft  in schools kids parents would't think there kids were learning and there parents will take them out of that school and put them into a school that does not have minecraft in it , which will cause the school that has minecraft in it to shut down and people will loosing there jobs because of minecraft 

If we play minecraft in school we will get so addictive  to it and we will get very lazy. We will get bigger and we could even become obese and we might have a chance of dying  and that would be absolutely terrible.

 If we have minecraft in schools some people might not want to play minecraft and that will cause people to drop out of school and that will mean no more school.

Minecraft should not be mandatory, you should have a choice whether you want to play minecraft and that's why we should not have minecraft in schools


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